Design with Phononic

Our thermal design expertise brings your idea to life. We’re partnering with companies to design and co-create new or existing products with solid-state solutions – enabling infinite potential applications and ultimately creating a massive shift in how the modern world cools, heats and lives.

Learn how we can design, optimize, reinvent, or co-create a new or existing product that cools or heats. Imagine how, together, we can reinvent what’s possible.

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Phononic has developed innovative and sustainable cooling and heating solutions across multiple verticals – driving 5G adoption by protecting sophisticated fiberoptics; safeguarding drugs and vaccines through the first ENERGY STARTM-certified solid-state refrigerator; delivering first-of-their kind merchandising solutions for retail food and beverage; and powering sustainable solutions for air conditioning to address the most critical environmental challenge of our time. 


     Life Science and Healthcare

     Food and Beverage

     HEX CPU Cooling

Design with Phononic

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