The State of Grocery Retail Report

Phononic's "The State of Grocery Retail Report" uncovers consumer food shopping habits as they relate to loyalty and product preferences, especially during the busy holiday season.

Download this report and discover why grocers need to:

  • Embrace in-store innovation to attract the next generation of consumers
  • Consider factors such as in-store layout, technology, product stocking and placement
  • Better understand the holiday shopping preferences of Gen Z and Millennial consumers 


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About this Survey: 

The following analysis includes key insights gathered from 2,000 U.S. consumers ages 18-64 using Google Consumer Surveys. The survey was conducted between October 11-16, 2018. Google Consumer Surveys is an interactive surveying platform that allows vendors to survey audiences directly. Click to download this report: 

About Phononic:

Phononic is revolutionizing the food & beverage industry with sustainable freezers and refrigerators that are transforming the retail environment. Offering everything from new placement opportunities and new revenue streams to earth-friendly sustainability, Phononic’s solid-state technology and thermal system design are rendering compressors obsolete.