How Will Grocers Make the “Store of the Future” Today’s Reality?

As meal delivery services and e-Commerce challenge brick-and-mortar stores to transform the food and beverage landscape, embracing new technology will enable grocery stores to differentiate and improve the consumer shopping experience. In April, 2018, Phononic published an eBook from the shopper's point of view.  

New eBook: Looking at the Industry from a Grocer’s Perspective

With this new eBook, we’ve flipped the script. We surveyed more than 200 food retail executives to see how they feel they’re adapting to a quickly changing market and how their views align with those of shoppers. Topics include:

  • A look at the industry's biggest disruptors
  • A view of the industry’s progress with embracing technology
  • Strategies for improving the grocery buying experience
  • Executive expectations on  the biggest changes to come

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